Water Truck Spraying Water Out — Glass-a-Water in Murwillumbah, NSW
Jands Water truck — Glass-a-Water in Murwillumbah, NSW
Water Truck Rural Areas — Glass-a-Water in Murwillumbah, NSW

About Us

Glass-a-Water is a family owned and operated business servicing the Murwillumbah, Tweed Coast and Tweed Shire areas. Run by Janelle and Andy Glaser, yes that's why they're called "Glass~a~Water". Are born and bred locals with nothing but love for their community.

We’re proud to supply water for tanks, swimming pools and civil works to our residential, commercial and rural clients in the region. Choose monthly or custom deliveries or even one-off pool fills.

Company history

Our business was founded in 2017 under the name JAND’s Water Deliveries. With our surname "Glaser" we have since rebranded as Glass-a-Water. Together, including our current business, our combined experience with supplying water to clients in the region, spans three decades.

Our experience in the ... Read more

Clean & safe water

Get real peace of mind knowing the water at your home or business is clean and safe for drinking and bathing in. We believe everyone who lives in the region should have safe water at their homes and businesses. It can be stressful when you are concerned about whether you will have enough safe and ... Read more

Civil works

While delivering safe and clean water for tanks and swimming pools is our primary business priority, we also supply to clients for landscaping and civil works. If you require water for dust suppression or a landscaping project at a home or business, we can deliver to you.

Investing in new technology

Although a small, family owned business, at Glass-a-Water we are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to water deliveries and water technology. Recently, we began development for an in-house water filter that clients can place in their water tanks. We will have more news on this product over the coming months. Read more